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Q&A with Priyanka

Breaking boundaries, spreading love, and inspiring confidence.

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Who is Priyanka? How did you get into drag and music?

Priyanka is an iconic drag queen that won Canada’s Drag Race, used to host kids tv and is now an international popstar! I got into drag when I moved into the Toronto Gay Village. I finally felt at home and fell in love with drag. Which is wild because I used to be so scared of drag queens haha. I started drag and competed in all the local talent competitions like “Miss Crews & Tangos” and “Queen of Halloween” and WON! I never won anything huge in my life so I finally felt like I was where I was supposed to be. Music is my passion and love. I grew up in a family full of musicians and always wanted to sing and release music but wasn’t sure HOW! When I started Drag, I felt like it was the perfect space to release music and 25 million streams later….I’d say it was pretty perfect! 

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How would you describe your entrance into the entertainment industry? What were some of the challenges you faced?

From the young age of 10 – I always wanted to be on TV. More specifically my eyes were on becoming a MuchMusic VJ – the most coveted job in Canadian TV. Because of my love of music I watched MUCH all the time and naturally wanted to be around all the cool things the music industry has to offer. I wanted to entertain. I kept saying to myself – I don’t care what it is, I just wanna make people smile! The challenges I faced were pretty normal for a brown kid from Whitby, ON would face. The challenge of HOW would this happen if there is no one else that looks like me on TV? The challenge of hearing 1000 no’s and having to be my own cheerleader to get what I want AND now I have the challenge of being a very visible QUEER POC person who even after all these wins hears no. It’s a wild time to be a queer entertainer but we’re not going anywhere so buckle up world! 

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How do you feel your drag is helping to inform communities on the current political climate and helping move us to a more progressive place?

Drag has always been radical. It’s such a beautiful art form that can entertain, make people happy, and educate the masses. It’s so great to see shows like We’re Here and Rupauls Drag Race appealing to the masses and teaching so many lessons. I think it’s really moved the needle on people being more progressive but everything in life comes with balance so it’s always woken up the conservative beasts that have nothing better to do than hate. 

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What are your goals as an artist beyond drag?

Keep being visible. From the TV shows I’m on to the music I release – I want to keep doing more and more. I just want other people whether a minority, an insecure person, someone who is having a bad day that if they work hard and find something that sets their should on fire – they can be successful too. There is success for all of us out there. 

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Tell me about some of the exciting projects you have planned for the year!

This year has taken a TURN. I started the year having a very clear idea of what was going to happen and so many iconic twist and turns have happened that I can not wait to release and tell the world. So I CANT tell you about them cause the NDA said so haha ! 

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself doing exactly what I’m doing now with a bigger audience. I’ll be touring my music around the world, helping the LGBTQ+ people who need it and just spreading all this brown girl joy. You’ll see! 

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