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Top Three Effective Diversity and Inclusion Levers for Lasting Impact

Talent drives organizations forward, and diversity and inclusion initiatives ensure access to that talent. Embracing diverse perspectives fosters innovation and equips teams to navigate complex challenges. To achieve lasting impact, organizations can leverage three key levers: attract, train, and retain.

ATTRACT – Expand Talent Searches

To diversify the talent pool, proactively source candidates from underrepresented groups. Assess recruitment practices for unconscious bias and set goals for diversity recruitment. Representation matters: showcase diversity within the organization to attract a diverse talent pool. Enhance your attraction strategy by:

  • Identifying representation gaps.
  • Targeting specific underrepresented groups.
  • Eliminating unnecessary job requirements.
  • Training hiring teams to counteract unconscious biases.

Set measurable goals, such as sourcing candidates from underrepresented groups for each job posting or partnering with diverse recruitment sources. Ensure hiring teams and interview panels are diverse and collaborative, encouraging challenges to biased decisions.

TRAIN – Develop Talent

Invest in upskilling and reskilling to evolve the current workforce. Analyze diversity in training programs and ensure equitable access to development opportunities. Create clear career paths and identify leadership potential within diverse talent pools. Focus on:

  • Monitoring diversity changes as employees advance.
  • Addressing diversity disparities across departments.
  • Evaluating participation rates in training programs among different demographic groups.

Develop career maps outlining lateral and promotional paths, hold regular talent reviews to spot leadership potential, and use blind tools to match candidates with development opportunities objectively. Hiring diverse trainers can also enhance engagement by providing relatable content.

RETAIN – Foster Inclusive Culture

Retention hinges on cultivating an inclusive culture where employees feel valued and respected. Listen to employee needs, provide inclusive mentorship, and establish employee resource groups. Leaders should champion diversity and inclusion, reflecting the organization’s commitment at every level. Strengthen retention by:

  • Listening to employees and addressing their needs.
  • Offering inclusive mentoring and sponsorship programs.
  • Ensuring leadership reflects the desired diversity of the organization.

Employee resource groups can offer insights for driving diversity initiatives and fostering a sense of community where individuals can share and grow together. Everyday behaviors that demonstrate appreciation for all employees significantly contribute to creating a great workplace.

Best Practices for Inclusion

Organizations excelling in diversity and inclusion, like the Best Workplaces™ for Inclusion, consistently assess and refine their policies through a diversity lens, leading to high employee satisfaction. Their results are impressive:

  • 96% of employees feel treated fairly regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • 94% feel they can be themselves.
  • 93% are proud to tell others they work there.
  • 92% believe their workplace is great.

These statistics demonstrate the powerful impact of effective diversity and inclusion strategies, underscoring the importance of continuous assessment and improvement.

Driving Lasting Impact

Diversity and inclusion initiatives must be integral to business priorities, with goals, data collection, and continuous improvement. By embracing diverse perspectives, organizations unlock the full potential of their workforce and propel business forward. Leaders should approach inclusion and diversity with the same discipline as any other business priority, embedding these principles in every decision and action. This commitment maximizes the power of diverse perspectives, creating a dynamic and innovative workforce poised to tackle complex challenges.

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