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A Fresh Perspective on Self-Care: Empower Yourself with At-Home Hair Colouring

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Female Models-Clairol
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Clairol brought at-home hair colouring to the masses in the ‘60s and continues to be a leader and innovator in the space. Who doesn’t want a company that focuses on making you feel beautiful and confident with easy-to-use products?

Women’s hair is an integral part of their identity. It’s an important indicator of femininity, and its health and appearance are often linked to a woman’s self-esteem. When your hair feels good, you feel good.

Your hair is an expression of who you are, and colour is one of its key characteristics. It’s also one of the easiest things to control. Clairol makes it easy to express yourself and your personal style. As a leader in at-home hair colouring and a top brand in the hair colour space, Clairol is trusted by millions of women worldwide. Its products are easy to use and let women colour their hair at home, saving time and money.

Your hair is an expression of who you are, and colour is one of its key characteristics.

Clairol - Its so you

Hair colour pioneers

Clairol is the number one leader in the hair colour space. As a pioneer in hair colour, Clairol was the original company that brought hair colour to North America and the first to bring retail innovation to the masses with the launch of Nice’n Easy, the first-ever retail hair colour in supermarkets, back in the ‘60s.

Since then, the brand has transcended generations with rich innovations, from the launch of Natural Instincts to include plant-derived and natural ingredients in the ‘90s to Root Touch-Up, the first permanent root touch-up product to hit the beauty aisles in the 2000s. Clairol’s mission is simple: to make every woman feel beautiful and confident and help her live colourfully through accessible, easy-to-use products.

A colour solution for every need

Clairol makes everyone’s hair dreams happen in full colour. The brand proudly has products designed for all hair types, colours, and moods.

As one of its first signature products, Nice’n Easy has been giving women the colour they were meant to have for nearly 60 years. This permanent hair colour provides 100 per cent grey coverage and is available in 50 shades. Blending three tones and highlights, Nice’n Easy gives a beautiful, natural-looking colour that’s superior to other brands on the market. Best of all, it’s easy to use with just one simple step.

Award-winning innovation

For green beauty aficionados, Clairol’s Natural Instincts products offer demi-permanent hair colour with 80 per cent naturally derived ingredients — including conditioning coconut oil and aloe vera — with no harsh scents, added parabens, or ammonia.

The demi-permanent technology behind Natural Instincts is ideal for someone who wants to cover up their grey hair in a blended, natural way. Demi-permanent hair colour only lasts for six to eight shampoos, and because it sits on the outside of the hair, it has a very limited ability to cover stubborn greys. On the other hand, the molecules in Natural Instincts work their way underneath the hair cuticle for better coverage. Plus, it gradually washes out in 28 shampoos, which creates a more natural-looking root line.

Natural Instincts is the healthiest way to radiant colour and was recently voted Chatelaine’s Best At-Home Hair Colour of 2022.

Hair colouring made easy

When choosing your shade, Clairol’s experts advise women not to be afraid to play with tones. For example, if your hair is naturally medium-brown, you can try a gold tone from Natural Instincts on top, and your greys will transform into sparkly highlights. If you’re looking to match your natural colour, it’s a good rule of thumb to go one or two shades lighter than you think you are. Check the handy guide on the back of the box to see what effect the colour will have.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy root touch-up, Clairol’s Root Touch-Up line — the number one root touch-up brand in Canada — offers an array of excellent options. Go for a permanent option for 100 per cent grey coverage or opt for a gel that lasts 6 to 10 washes or a temporary spray powder product for instant, natural-looking coverage. This year, Clairol also launched Natural Root Touch-Up by Natural Instincts.

With Clairol, at-home hair colouring has never been easier or more chic.

The Top Tips and Tricks for At-Home Hair Colouring

Mastering the art of at-home hair colouring is a cinch when you’ve got the experts on your side. Here, Clairol’s pros answer your most-asked colour questions.

I’ll be visiting my hairdresser for a cut next weekend, and it’s also time for me to reapply my hair colour. Should I get my hair cut before or after colouring?

This one’s simple: always cut first and colour later.

How do I know which shade to pick?

That depends. Are you just touching up? Use Root Touch-Up — the number one Root Touch-Up brand in Canada — to perfectly match your current colour, even if it’s not a Clairol colour.

Looking to go lighter? Do as the tortoise does and take it slow. Don’t go any more than two shades lighter than your current colour. If you have medium-brown hair, aim for a lighter brown before going blonde. Enjoy a few months as a lighter brunette and then go for another shift into blonde-zone.

Looking to go darker? Stick with that turtle and make slow, steady shifts. Stay within one shade of your starting colour and ease into brunette territory.

Can I mix shades?

Go for it! For best results, mix shades no more than two to three shades lighter or darker than each other and make sure that the amount of colour you’re mixing matches the amount of developer.

I’m looking for a natural hair colour product with no ammonia. What should I use?

You’ll love our Natural Instincts line! It contains 80 per cent naturally derived ingredients with no harsh scents, added parabens, or ammonia.

If I’m going to colour my hair, when should I shampoo it?

We recommend washing your hair the day before you colour. Also, make sure you don’t have product in your hair (like gel, hairspray, or dry shampoo), as that may block the colour.

Does hair type affect colour timing?

It does! Coarse, dry, or permed hair generally takes more time to colour and vice versa for fine hair. Do a strand test before colouring your whole head to ensure you have the timing down.

Clairol - Its so you
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