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Atlantic Canada Entrepreneurship With Amir Akbari

People working on digital projects
People working on digital projects

WEnTech’s Amir Akbari discusses the changes in Atlantic Canada and how it’s becoming the perfect environment for entrepreneurs and startups.

Mediaplanet: What was the economic landscape like in the Atlantic when you first went into business? How is it now?

Amir Akbari: Within the past two years of starting WEnTech Solutions, the support programs for young companies like mine have been growing fast. The success stories for startup companies in the Atlantic region are growing, creating a self-confident business landscape for companies to become successful, serving their customers around the world.

I would say the Atlantic region now is a good spot to start a business, especially for software-based companies like us. There are enough resources here to benefit from. Companies can be very lean and prove themselves to the market.

How does having your business in Atlantic Canada benefit your company?

The benefit I have seen from starting my company in Atlantic Canada is having access to experienced business people in this region. This is critical, especially in the early days of your company, as you need to have access to the right mentors and advisors. We can also test and validate our product with minimum costs while exploring other regions and countries for market development.

What tools can Canadians access to help them start or grow a business in this region?

The startup community in New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada is one of the most active communities in North America. There are plenty of groups and organizations who are helping young startup companies grow and be successful. We have world-class accelerator programs along with financial support to start, nurture, and grow your company — such as Opportunity New Brunswick, Ignite Fredericton, NB Innovation Foundation, Pond-Deshpande Centre, Planet Hatch, and Propel ICT.

What is one thing young entrepreneurs should consider before starting their own business?

Building your own startup is a long journey that requires perseverance to be successful. The journey is like a roller-coaster ride — you have (a lot of) bad days and good days. You need to be prepared for this.

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