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True North Living » Work » Finding a Part-Time Job for Your Teen Is an Investment in Their Future
Stephanie Hardman

Stephanie Hardman

Chief People Officer, McDonald’s Canada

What’s an impactful way to make an investment in Canada’s youth? A part-time job. McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees offer this opportunity every day and are always looking for new hires to join their respective teams.

According to a University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of Business study, youth who work part-time or during the summer gain a competitive advantage over their non-working peers. While working, they learn valuable skills and how to manage multiple priorities and responsibilities, which leads to better jobs and higher earning power later in life.

These findings aren’t surprising to Stephanie Hardman, Chief People Officer at McDonald’s Canada. “A first job is where youth acquire many of the foundational skills that’ll set them up for success later in life,” she says. “Managing guests, money, logistics, and operations all serve to build a skill set that a young person can gain with a job at McDonald’s.”

A stable part-time job should fit into those life activities as opposed to making everything else fit into work.

McDonald’s Canada also believes that it’s important that youth have flexibility so they can find balance between school, sports, community work, and a job. “A stable part-time job should fit into those life activities as opposed to making everything else fit around work,” notes Hardman.

A safe and inclusive place to work

McDonald’s recently launched new global brand standards that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace for its employees. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and a commitment to a respectful work environment continue to be top priorities. “We want parents to know that McDonald’s is a safe and inclusive place to work,” says Hardman. This was made even more important this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the safety of guests and crew, McDonald’s and its franchisees introduced enhanced Safety+ measures in all of its restaurants. Safety+ includes PPE, new safety procedures to limit contact, and more.

McDonald’s has proudly been a first job for many Canadians. And they’re always looking for individuals who want to learn and build their skillset while working in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment.

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