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Ethical Fashion

A Glimpse into the Reality of Sustainable Fashion in the Era of Greenwashing

One of the major misconceptions about sustainable fashion is that we can buy our way to a more environmentally friendly wardrobe. There’s a constant stream of new brands and products promising to be sustainable, but very few live up to their marketing hype. While garments made from recycled and innovative materials do send the right … Continued
woman sitting pet dog on trek

If Your Pet Has Behavioural Issues, You’re Not Alone — and There’s Help

Stress and anxiety are incredibly common in pets, and they can lead to “bad” behaviour — but the solutions are within easy reach. What causes fear and anxiety in companion animals? Some common answers might pop to mind: fireworks and thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travelling, boarding and kennelling, holidays and parties, and vet visits and grooming. … Continued
true north living