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True North Living » Live » Living Consciously and ‘Qeeping Up’ with Maggie Q
Sustainable Fashion

Living Consciously and ‘Qeeping Up’ with Maggie Q

Maggie Q at the beach smiling
Maggie Q at the beach smiling

Best known for her roles on Nikita and Designated Survivor, actress Maggie Q opens up about her passion for the planet and the inspiration behind creating her new sustainable clothing line, Qeep Up.

Mediaplanet: Why is sustainable fashion important to you, and what inspired you to create Qeep Up?

Maggie Q: Sustainable everything is important to me — from the way I eat to the way I shop. I have always wanted to do two things. The first was to create a brand out of post-consumer waste to protect our oceans and endangered marine mammals. The second was to support the work of the people who are in ocean protection as their life’s work. With Qeep Up I am finally doing both. 

What was the most important thing to highlight on the sustainability front when you created Qeep Up?

That post-consumer waste could be turned into a commodity that we desire, and that we need to support a circular economy. 

Maggie Q standing in the ocean

What do you think consumers need to consider when looking for sustainable clothing options?

Quality. The last thing I want is for someone to care, and then have to reverse their decision because they feel like they are making a sacrifice.

As an animal rights and environmental activist, what do you think are the most important steps an individual can take towards living a more eco-conscious lifestyle?

Diet is number one. There is too much information out there for anyone to pretend they don’t know. Every time you eat you are voting for the health of the planet. Farmers’ markets are an awesome way to buy fresh food direct without the energy and resources it takes to have a store open for 12 hours, and without all the plastic packaging. Always have your bottles with you. We cannot afford to create more plastic, we just can’t. Your planet thanks you!

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