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brianne riehl

Brianne Riehl

President, Earthsave

Earthsave Canada advocates the move to a plant-based diet for environmental sustainability, better health, and compassion toward animals.

Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. Faced with an obesity epidemic, a climate catastrophe, and even a global pandemic, many people are looking for ways to make meaningful change.

Being vegan is a uniquely powerful individual choice that has tremendous positive effects for personal health, environmental sustainability, and reducing the number of animals subjected to suffering and death.

From the new Canada’s Food Guide to the EAT-Lancet report to the Drawdown Review, experts from around the world recognize the importance of shifting our eating habits to plant-based diets.

By becoming vegan, you’ll be helping to address climate change, air and water pollution, deforestation, and global hunger. You’ll also be adding years to your life and life to your years! Studies have shown that the risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, ischemic stroke, and some types of cancer are all substantially lower in people eating largely plant-based diets.

You’ll also be shifting your support from industries that inherently cause animal abuse and suffering on an unfathomable scale to those that produce foods keeping us the healthiest: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Far from being restrictive, moving toward veganism today is easier than ever, and it can open up a world of culinary possibilities and reignite a love for food that nourishes your body. Start making your shift toward a plant-based diet today!

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