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Reducing Waste Can Be Easy and Getting Started Is Simple

Plastic bag floating in the ocean
Plastic bag floating in the ocean
Genevieve Wakutz, Plastic Oceans Canada

Genevieve Wakutz

Communications & Operations Coordinator, Plastic Oceans Canada

We can all reduce our plastic footprints and be the solution.

There’ll be more plastic matter than fish by 2050 if we don’t make a change. Researchers have found traces of plastic in the furthest corners of the earth, in our food chain, and falling from the sky in precipitation. Wind and water carry plastic waste into our environments where it poses a huge health risk to wildlife.

What can you do about it? Reduce single-use plastic and help us clean up plastic waste from our environment. Did you know the average Canadian uses 700 plastic bags per year? It’s easy to see how one person can make a big difference by swapping out plastic for reusable alternatives.

How can you reduce waste?

We’re not asking everyone to go completely zero waste. Reducing waste can be easy and getting started is simple. Download My Plastic Diary to track and reduce your plastic footprint. If you’re like the average Canadian, you may start tracking your plastic usage and be shocked to realize you’ve bought 1025 plastic bottles in a year! But no matter where you’re starting, it’s never too late to shop smarter.

Once you’ve assessed your plastic footprint, why not go a step further and join us to make a difference! At Plastic Oceans Canada, we host cleanups across the country — with our partners we’ve cleaned up 3310 kilometres in 2020 alone.

Join us in the fight against plastic pollution! Donate, sponsor a shoreline, or take direct action. Together we can create a safer environment for Canadian wildlife and you. Learn more at Plastic Oceans Canada.

Plastic Oceans Canada
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