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True North Living » Community » Q&A with Lesley Hampton — Indigenous Artist and Fashion Designer
Ethical Fashion

Q&A with Lesley Hampton — Indigenous Artist and Fashion Designer

lesley hampton indigenous artist
lesley hampton indigenous artist
Photographer: Billie Chiasson

Lesley Hampton, an Indigenous artist and fashion designer, shares why slow fashion is so important and what excites her about the future of the fashion industry.

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Why is it important for businesses both big and small to integrate slow fashion and sustainability frameworks into their practices?

We at LESLEY HAMPTON believe in slow fashion. The majority of our items are made to order. By purchasing made-to-order pieces, you’re helping reduce wasteful overproduction while also supporting our Indigenous-owned, women-led, small business. It’s important for both big and small brands to integrate slow fashion because as the world transitions to more mindful buying habits to protect the environment, it’s imperative that brands develop mindful production to keep in step. 

We need the industry to not only welcome but celebrate all bodies equally.

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What still needs to change when it comes to proper representation and inclusion in the fashion industry?

Representation is extremely important. Fashion is something that almost everyone interacts with on a daily basis, and it’s often the first daily choice many of us make in the morning while getting dressed. I believe what you choose to wear on your body can say so much about your values and perspective. A great beginning goal for brands and retail spaces would be to have “plus size” and “straight size” garments integrated on the same rack or same drop-down menu online or to even offer a wider range of sizes in general. We need the industry to not only welcome but celebrate all bodies equally. 

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What excites you most about the future of the fashion industry?

I’m excited to see the future of the fashion industry transition to include all bodies. I believe we’re transitioning to a movement of body neutrality, to knowing that like having a bad hair day, you can and are allowed to have a bad body image day. I think with the increased awareness of personal health, we’ll focus more on caring for the one body we have, and on having fashion and clothing work for us. I think this point of view will influence our fashion choices to be less about trends and more about personal style. 

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