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Allana Davison’s Top Tips for Clean Beauty

Allana Davison
Allana Davison
Photo courtesy of Katherine Holland

Mediaplanet spoke with Allana Davison, a Toronto-based content creator and blogger, about her top tips to keep your skin care routine clean. Read on for her advice to readers.

How did you become a beauty influencer, and what’s your favourite part of your job?

I started blogging in university and it quickly turned into a Youtube channel. I found I could get my points across much more clearly while talking and being in front of a camera. I uploaded videos as a way to keep up with a hobby and develop some extra skills while I was in university, and with a giant shot of luck, it had become my full-time gig by the time I graduated! I thank those lucky stars every day.

With Canadians looking for clean beauty alternatives, do you have any tips for evaluating new products?

There are so many incredible products in the clean beauty space and I’m such a sucker for all things skin care within it! My biggest tip is for those of you with sensitive skin who are newly exploring the clean beauty space: a lot of products contain large amounts of essential oils and they can be very irritating for a lot of skin types! I tend to get breakouts when I use products that pump up the essential oils for fragrance and hydration. Try samples first if you can, or patch test the products on a smaller area before going in deep on your face.

What do you do to feel confident in your skin when you’re not feeling your best?

I’m the queen of multi-masking when my skin is feeling blue. I try to target whatever’s going on with my skin, whether it be a breakout, ultra-dryness, or just feeling dull overall from a stressful day or from travel. I keep a bunch of different masks around that serve different purposes, from my collection of go-to masks for all-around feeling amazing to those that help me with breakouts. Breakouts come and go and I just try to remind myself that whatever’s happening with my skin will be temporary, not to stress about it, and to feel fabulous with a mask on in the meantime.

If you could give readers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be discouraged when reading articles, watching videos, and having every walking human on the planet telling you what you need to do with your skin. There’s no one right set of rules and finding products, and a routine that works for you takes time and a lot of trial and error! I had a facialist once tell me to be thankful that your skin is reacting to products and the environment around you because it’s talking to you and telling you what it needs. This really stuck with me, and now I try to spend less time covering up those reactions and smothering them with product, and more time working with my skin to figure out what it’s trying to tell me.

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