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Dr. Janice Huntingford

DVM & Member – Board of Advisors, Pet Wellbeing

A leader in the integrative pet wellness community for 28 years, Dr. Janice Huntingford has studied extensively in both conventional and holistic modalities.  

As more and more Canadians embrace alternative approaches to personal wellness, so too are they searching for non-traditional health options for their pets.

“Holistic medicine is becoming very popular for pets,” says Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM, DACVSMR. “I have a holistic practice and we have a lot of people who come in who are interested in natural approaches rather than drugs. They’re curious about non-surgical treatments and holistic medicine.”

Dr. Huntingford explains that a holistic approach to pet health differs from traditional vet care. “When we talk about holistic medicine, we’re talking about dealing with the entire pet rather than just a specific ailment. So if a surgeon is looking at doing, for example, cruciate surgery on the knee, they’re really focused on just that one particular joint. Whereas, with holistic medicine, we’re interested in everything that’s going on with the animal including behaviour, nutrition, how they’re moving around, and everything involved with the pet’s overall well-being.”

Pet Wellbeing is very focused on producing the best products for natural solutions to pet issues.

Dr. Janice Huntingford

Finding balance

One company at the forefront of holistic pet care is Canadian-owned Pet Wellbeing. “Pet Wellbeing is very focused on producing the best products for natural solutions to pet issues,” explains Dr. Huntingford. “They produce a lot of herbals, supplements and more items that are all rigorously tested by outside labs to ensure they’re the highest quality.” Some of Pet Wellbeing’s most successful health care products include Kidney Support Gold, Agile Joints, and Adrenal Harmony Gold.

She is quick to point out that finding the best treatment option for your pet doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. Integrative practice is a concept that combines the best of western and eastern medicine to develop an approach that treats illness from the inside out while focusing on general wellness. “The best pet care offers a very balanced approach,” Dr. Huntingford says. Both conventional and alternative therapies have their place in optimizing your pet’s quality of life. “After all, it all comes down to doing the best for your pet,” she says.

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