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True North Living » Live » How Ontario Helped Alessia Cara Thrive

How Ontario Helped Alessia Cara Thrive

Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara

Mediaplanet had the pleasure of speaking with Ontario’s very own, internationally renowned singer and song writer Alessia Cara. We asked the Brampton native about her experience growing up in the province and how it has shaped her into the Grammy Award-winning, Multi-Platinum artist she is today.

Mediaplanet: What was the best part about growing up in Ontario?

Alessia Cara: The best part is probably being exposed to so many different cultures and backgrounds from such a young age. Experiencing and being immersed in constant diversity really shapes who you are as a person. 

Where do you like spending time when you’re back home visiting your family and friends?

Because I’m never home or in one place at all, I like to stay in my house for most of my time off. Sometimes your own bed and mom hugs are the best kind of fuel. Other than that, going out for lunch with my friend or grabbing a coffee somewhere close by is how I occupy myself. 

How did Ontario’s arts community help you get your start in the music industry?

So many great artists I’ve looked up to have come out of Toronto making their own style of music I hadn’t really heard anywhere else. That really opened doors for my generation of musicians or aspiring artists — me certainly included. 

What advice would you give to those whose dream it is to become an A-list singer like yourself?

There isn’t really a formula or one way to do it of course. There’s a fair amount of luck involved, but hard work and patience are crucial parts of getting there too. The best foundation for a career is built overtime. It took me three years of posting covers before anyone even noticed me, then another two years of recording and trying to get signed before I even put a song out!

You’re about to kick off the 2019 The Pains of Growing Canadian tour on May 11th! What are you looking forward to most about performing in your home country?

I love going all over the world, but something about being at home singing my songs feels so warm to me. Everyone makes me feel like I’m making my home proud, and having been born and raised here — that’s a really nice feeling.

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