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These days, you’re just as likely to encounter free-run chicken, grass-fed beef, and goat milk lattes in the pet food aisles as anywhere else in the supermarket. And, as more and more pet owners want their furry friends to eat as well as they do, pet food companies are responding, producing products that are marketed as “natural”. 

The term is definitely resonating with those who are looking for healthy alternatives for their pets, but what exactly does natural mean?

A closer look at pet food packaging often reveals the truth: many natural products are anything but. “They are processed, have additives, and are not nutrient dense,” says Heather McKay, brand manager for Nutram, a family-owned, Canadian pet wellness company located in Elmira, ON. 

Spur growth with a natural approach

What makes Nutram such a standout in the industry is that their ingredients are completely free of preservatives and hormones. And their food has no fillers or added supplements either.

The company also believes in a moderate protein pet diet. “High protein encourages pets to grow more rapidly than their skeletal system is designed to accommodate,” says McKay. “And that puts them — especially large dog breeds — at risk for bone and joint issues later in life.”

But it’s their holistic approach to pet nutrition that has made Nutram the go-to brand of pet owners in over 30 countries. 

They have carefully thought out which ingredients they put in their foods, and how different ingredients work together. “Our products ensure that pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits of each ingredient, plus the advantages of their combinations,” says McKay.

Pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits of each ingredient, plus the advantages of their combinations.

Heather McKay, Nutram brand manager

Healthy mixes for supercharged growth

By pairing two ingredients that actually work better together than apart, Nutram can provide pets with greater nutritional benefits. The company’s Optimum Combinations approach uses scientific evidence to support each selection. The result is that food is easy to digest, allowing pets to absorb more essential nutrients.

Popular combinations include Cranberries + Celery Seeds for healthy bladder and Lamb + Pumpkin for better digestion.

Cranberries are chosen for their natural acidic properties. This helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls. Nutram pairs cranberries with celery seeds, which are a natural diuretic. This encourages pets to drink more liquids, which in turn helps flush bacteria out of their systems, promoting healthy bladders.

For pets in need of better digestion, there is the combination of Lamb + Pumpkin. Lamb has been found to be the most gentle animal protein for a sensitive stomach. Pumpkin, chosen for its great soluble fibre content, helps to slow the digestion process to ensure the pet’s gut has sufficient time to pull the nutrients from the food.

All of Nutram’s products are produced in-house and fall into three different lines.

  1. Nutram Sound Balanced Wellness which offers food that provides complete and balanced nutrition adequate for each stage of a pet’s life.
  2. Nutram Ideal Solution Support offers food specially crafted and cooked for a variety of nutritional needs, such as weight control, and skin, coat and stomach sensitivities.
  3. And for those looking for grain-free options, there’s Nutram Total Grain-Free. These recipes are a great source of low-glycemic carbohydrates and are appropriate for pets of all ages. 

Considering a holistic approach to pet food? Nutram is available exclusively at Canadian-owned pet specialty retail stores across Canada, such as Global Pet Foods and independent shops.

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