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Steven G Shares His Journey with Self-Confidence and Body Image

Plus-sized male model signed with Bridge Models, Steven G, shares his journey with body image over the years and his advice for anyone struggling with body confidence.

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How has your experience as a model helped you love your body?

My experience as a model has helped me love my body by being more aware. Because I often share my body with the world shirtless or in my underwear now, it has forced me to become comfortable with my body. It’s often a discussion in campaigns that I’m in and to not be affected by comments and conversation I simply have to love it myself. It’s hard for someone to convince you to dislike something that you actually love.

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Did you struggle with body image and self confidence growing up?

Growing up, I always had confidence in myself. However, when it comes to body image I definitely struggled. I rarely swam with my shirt off, wore bigger clothes, and was never truly comfortable with my size. 

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What is your best advice for people struggling with body confidence?

My best advice for people struggling with body confidence is to spend intentional time with themselves and God. Sincerely affirm themselves and connect with who they are and allow this to manifest physically. Health starts inwardly.

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How do you find time for self care in your daily life?

I’m very intentional about making time for self-care in my daily life. If that’s scheduling and dedicating a day or maybe even deciding to eat a particular meal, or make a purchase that I’ve contemplated, it’s simply doing just that without any remorse. Scheduling is key.

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