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Your Summer Bucket List

Q&A with Torri Webster

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What activities do you look forward to most each summer? What’s your favourite thing about summer in Canada?

There’s truly nothing better than summer in Canada. I live in Toronto, so from the warmer, more pleasant temperatures to the sparkle of Lake Ontario to the bustling restaurant patios and rooftops, there’s so much to keep me entertained! My favorite part, though, has to be the resurgence of epic music festivals (like Osheaga in Montreal in August) and all the late-night outdoor Budweiser stage performances in Toronto!

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What’s one thing you CAN’T live without during the beautiful Canadian summers?

One thing I can’t live without during the beautiful Canadian summers is my outdoor adventures! I love taking daily walks along the waterfront in Toronto or spending an afternoon in Trinity Bellwoods Park with friends. Hitting an ice cream shop or enjoying a glass of wine on an outdoor patio. I’ve always said this, but I truly feel like Canadians come alive in the summertime – we love to embrace the outdoors and feel booked and busy! Our hibernating months are over!

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Can you share with readers your favorite summer food or beverage?

My favourite summer food has to be Kawartha Dairy ice cream! There’s nothing like a trip to cottage country, getting outside of the city, and stopping for an epic cone along the way. The same could be said about my favourite beverage – once I’m out in the Muskoka’s,  I can crack a bottle of my favourite rosé on the dock and watch as the sun sets! That sounds like an ideal combo for an epic summer day in Ontario.

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What’s one thing on your “summer bucket list” this season you must check off?

On my bucket list this year, I’m insisting on renting a boat and spending a day on Lake Ontario with my group of friends! There’s something about being out on the water in Toronto that’s so fun and relaxing. Not only do you get epic views of the city skyline, but you can also dock your boat and enjoy an afternoon on the beach or visit Centre Island!

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What advice would you give Canadians trying to maximize their summer bucket list this year?

Maximizing your summer bucket list is all about planning ahead. Book the waterfront hotel, lock in those dinner reservations, and buy the ticket to that awesome Budweiser stage concert in advance! Get ahead of the premium prices, and set out your agenda early. This way, all your plans will fall into place as the summer weather falls upon us!

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