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How Corona Canada Is Making Beaches More Accessible This Summer 

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Corona Canada has made a commitment to make beaches — including Saint-Zotique Beach in Quebec — more accessible for those with mobility challenges.

Saint-Zotique Beach in Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, has opened for the season, and it’s better than ever. The beach now features a range of new accessibility measures, making it a welcoming place for Canadians with mobility limitations — which includes many, many Canadians. As of 2020, according to Statistics Canada, 2.7 million Canadians aged 15 and older had a mobility disability, including a third of all Canadian seniors. Now, even those with mobility challenges can experience the joy of a day at the beach, thanks to the efforts of Corona Canada and Mobi-mat.


Transforming beaches across Canada 

The transformation of Saint-Zotique Beach is part of Corona’s Accessing Paradise Pledge, an ongoing commitment by Corona Canada to make beaches (and beach sunsets) more accessible for those with mobility challenges, beginning with seven beaches across Canada in 2024. Two beaches have been made accessible so far — Saint-Zotique in Quebec, and Wellington Beach in Ontario, with Sudbury Beach in Penticton, British Columbia coming this summer — and the next four will be selected by Canadians through crowdsourcing. 

To make these beaches more accessible, Corona Canada and Mobi-mat are installing accessible Mobi-mats and pathways to help create smooth transitions to shorelines, providing Mobi-chairs, floating wheelchairs for in-water accessibility, and constructing Mobi-decks that offer multi-purpose areas with added stability for beachgoers to gather and enjoy the outdoors. These features enable individuals with mobility challenges to enjoy sunny beaches all summer long.

Encouraging consumers to reconnect with nature 

Corona has long been a leader in championing consumers to disconnect from their busy routines and reconnect with nature, especially at sunset, and believes everyone should have the opportunity to do so. Corona’s Accessing Paradise Pledge reflects this, making beach sunsets something that even more Canadians can experience this summer. The pledge is also a natural extension of Corona’s ongoing efforts to improve shorelines and celebrate sunsets, highlighting the brand’s commitment to protect our natural paradises.

Canada boasts the longest coastline in the world, and all Canadians should be able to enjoy its beauty. With Mobi-mat, Corona has already chosen the first three beaches and is now looking for your help to pick four more. 

Head to to nominate a beach that you believe should be more accessible, and follow @coronacanada on Instagram to stay updated on its Accessing Paradise Pledge.

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