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Ecotourism & Sustainable Travel

Q&A with April Jordan

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What is your favourite eco-tourism/sustainable travel destination or accommodation?

I had a fantastic experience in Costa Rica where I spent about two and a half weeks immersing myself in their natural wonders. I got to hike to the base of the Arenal volcano, surf at Jaco beach, tour conservation areas to see rare animals, and zipline through the jungle.

I also love to explore my home province, BC, and the Rocky Mountains. Our wilderness and mountains just can’t be beat, and so much of it is protected, which is really special. Plus, Canada was the first in the world to create a national parks service, which is just a stellar legacy to participate in preserving by visiting those parks!

As far as accommodation goes, good old fashioned tent camping will forever have my heart, though unique, quirky stays and resorts definitely have their places in any of my travel itineraries. 

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What inspired you to focus on sustainability/live a sustainable lifestyle?

Travelling! I’m so in love with the world that, selfishly, I want to protect it so I can keep exploring it.

Also, as a teenager I went to a region where the negative impacts of western consumerism were very obvious. Trying to understand that experience pushed me down a research rabbit hole that lead to sustainability.

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Why is Sustainable Travel important to you and why should Canadians care about being sustainable while travelling this summer?

I want to keep authentic pizza, beer, coffee, tacos, and maple syrup. I want to visit snowy mountains in the winter and warm beaches in the summer.

Don’t you?

Travel is so fun because of the thousands of cultures, cuisines, natural wonders, and adventure spots we get to explore. Being sustainable protects the climates and ecosystems that those things rely on.

My home, the Pacific Northwest, has incredible tourism that’s often centered around the wilderness and unique local culture. Contrast that with what you’d experience in Mexico, Italy, Japan, Bali, Australia, or even other parts of Canada and the importance of preserving those climates and the cultural traditions that rely on them becomes apparent for the world traveller!

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What is one thing you think has helped you live more of a “zero waste” lifestyle that you would recommend to Canadians who are travelling this summer? (ex, reusable water bottles, reusable bags etc.)

Aside from using reusables whenever possible, my favourite way to reduce my impact is to walk and take shared transport instead of taxis or Ubers whenever it’s safe to do so. I find this also makes it easier to discover hidden gems, meet other travellers, and get a feel for the local culture.

And, of course, local tourism is such a fun way to travel while minimizing emissions.

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