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Exploring Winter in Canada

Looking for a Unique Winter Escape? This Region in Northern Alberta Is Redefining Cool

northern lights canada
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Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo
Photo courtesy of McMurray Wood Buffalo
northern lights canada
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Photo courtesy of McMurray Wood Buffalo

Canadians are searching for one-of-a-kind travel experiences, and Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo ticks all the boxes. This expansive region in northern Alberta has bucket-list adventures and epic landscapes waiting to be explored.

From the urban delights of Fort McMurray, Alberta, to the wild backcountry splendours of Wood Buffalo National Park and all the places in between, there’s something for everyone here. And come winter, the region takes on a truly magical feel. While you can enjoy unique travel experiences in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo in all seasons, winter here is just a little bit cooler.

Your ultimate winter adventure playground is closer than you think. With non-stop flights from Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto, convenient connections from across Canada, and good road links from southern Alberta and surrounding provinces, getting here is easy.

And with so many outdoor activities to experience, it’s the kind of place you’ll be telling your friends about. Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo offers exceptional natural beauty with small-town hospitality.

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4 Must-Do Winter Activities
When You Visit Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo

Northern Lights in text

A front-row seat to Earth’s natural light show

Sit back and look at the night sky. On clear nights, the Northern Lights put on a dazzling show of light that dances in the night sky. It’s on many people’s bucket list to see this natural wonder, and if you visit between October and March, there’s a good chance you’ll be left mesmerized by this spectacle. While Wood Buffalo National Park is home to the world’s largest dark sky preserve, making it the perfect place to view the Northern Lights, you can still get a front-row seat closer to Fort McMurray. View on your own or hook up with a local operator to show you the best viewing spots.

Dog Sledding in text

A sledding experience like no other

Anyone who has seen images of a dogsled cutting across the frozen landscape through pine and birch forests wished they could hop on a sled themselves one day. Now’s your chance. Dogsledding — a traditional form of transportation in the Canadian North — is one of those once-in-a-lifetime activities. You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride on a handcrafted sled as you glide along remote forested trails and forget the city you’ve left behind. It’s an experience like no other.

Star gazing Canada

A sled of a different kind

If you’re looking for a motorized sled experience, then you’ll want to consider snowmobiling. The region is a snowmobiler’s paradise. While you can’t ride down Fort McMurray’s Franklin Avenue (or any other street within the city limits), there are hundreds of kilometres of trails and waterways nearby to explore. Many of the trails are groomed and maintained by the local snowmobile club, with warm-up locations, firepits, and washroom facilities out on the trails. Grab some moxie, hop on a snowmobile, and explore winter like you’ve never done before.

skiing in canada

Go cross country

Want to experience the incredible quiet that comes with a beautiful winter’s day? Imagine the landscape all around you, a blanket of white, and the only thing you hear are your skis or snowshoes gliding across the snow. With long and short distances on offer, a vast network of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails will please all experience levels. New to the skinny skis? The Birchwood Trails system offers 35 kilometres of groomed tracks, and the Ptarmigan Nordic Ski Club has you covered with gear rentals, tune-ups, and lessons.

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