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Learn the benefits of Slow Feeders and why your cat needs one!

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Slow feeders play on your cat’s instincts by enticing them to work for their food, which helps keep them active and entertained.

In the wild, cats must hunt their prey. Housecats, however, often have their food served to them on a silver platter, and often overeat out of boredom.

Special feeding bowls called slow feeders, slow down fast-eating felines by appealing to their instincts, making them work for their food in a fun way.


With the Catit slow feeders your cat will feel like they are hunting for their meal, which helps prevent them from gobbling up their food and throwing up afterwards!

Here’s a rundown of the various Catit slow feeders:

Senses Multi Feeder

The Catit Multi Feeder is perfect if you want to feed your cat both kibble and wet food. Simply fill the paw pit with kibble and serve wet food in the front part of the Multi Feeder. Cat food and treats can also be stored inside.

Senses Digger

This playful slow feeder consists of a base with bright green tubes, slowing down cats’ eating as they paw out small portions of kibble.

Senses Food Tree

With four levels, multiple openings, and a stable base, the Catit Senses Food Tree challenges your cat to paw out snack-sized portions at a much healthier pace. Add kibble to the different levels and watch as your cat makes the kibble or treats fall down into the collector tray. 

Catit Play Treat Puzzle

This playful puzzle combines six different fun activities for your cat to explore when you’re not at home. The Treat Puzzle holds slightly less kibble or treats than the previous slow feeders, making it the ideal maze for a midday snack.

Introduce slow feeders to your cat slowly and show them how to use it. Some cats will figure it out quickly, while others may need some time. Adding your cat’s favourite treats is also a great way to grab their attention.

Catit Senses products all have a fresh, green style and were specifically designed to be mixed and matched. Change your cat’s play environment frequently to keep them interested.

To learn more about slow feeders and to get your own, visit

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