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Pet Food That Maximizes Ingredient Benefits and Improves Pets’ Health

Penguin the dog eating nutram
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Penguin the dog eating nutram
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Pet wellness company Nutram takes an effective, holistic approach to dog and cat food to best support animal health.

For 30 years, Nutram has been providing top-quality pet food to Canadians and 30 other countries worldwide. It’s a family-operated company that’s proudly 100 per cent Canadian-made — from its certified nutritionists to partnered farmers, manufacturers, and distributors, Nutram works exclusively with other national businesses.

Penguin the dog waiting for Nutram pet food

Prioritizing food safety, the company’s plant and processes are certified by the world-renowned British Retail Consortium. But what truly make the brand unique are its award-winning recipes created by its in-house holistic experts. Utilizing carefully selected natural ingredients, Nutram has created formulas that maximize health benefits.

While people often think about what they’re putting into their own bodies, they don’t always do the same for their pets. Many animal foods use cheaper ingredient alternatives that are less nutrient-rich or fattening. Some even contain artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. 


Trustworthy, wholesome options

Nutrition plays a vital role in a pet’s overall health. “The quality of food is so important for dogs and cats,” says Heather McKay, Nutram’s Brand Manager. “By eating select ingredients that are high-functioning, they’re able to live their lives to the fullest extent.”

The quality of food is so important for dogs and cats. By eating select ingredients that are high functioning, they’re able to live their lives to the fullest extent.

Nutram’s recipes work because they prioritize gut health. Each formula is based on scientific principles and natural ingredients that optimize absorption. With that in mind, the company utilizes a carefully measured, moderate amount of dense, locally-sourced protein that can be fully absorbed and that encourages proper growth patterns. 

What’s most impressive about Nutram’s process is the use of Optimum Combinations. “It’s the pairing of two ingredients that both offer fantastic benefits on their own,” McKay explains. “But when you combine them, they work even better together.” The company has 22 combinations that boost mobility, digestion, muscle strength, bladder health, immunity, and more. 

Decades of excellence

Each recipe contains two pairings customized to benefit the pets they’re feeding, including puppies or kittens, adults, seniors, and large or small breeds. For these categories, there are three product lines. 

First, Sound is for everyday wellness and provides wholesome, grain-based nutrition. Next is Ideal — a natural health alternative for animals who are combating specific health issues such as weight,  skin, coat or stomach problems. Third, Total is grain-free and protein-centered around one meat like poultry, fish, or lamb, making it optimal for pets with allergies. Each recipe has an assigned Nutram Number to simplify the selection process.

Through its support of Canadian businesses, community involvement, and contributions to local charities (including the Feed4 initiative), Nutram is an ethical trailblazer dedicated to providing the best pet food on the market. 

Visit to find your pet’s Nutram Number.

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