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True North Living » Travel » Exploring Winter in Canada » Q&A with Craig McMorris, Canadian Professional Snowboarder
Exploring Winter in Canada

Q&A with Craig McMorris, Canadian Professional Snowboarder

craig mcmorris_snowboarder
craig mcmorris_snowboarder

From the Prairies to the mountains, Canadian professional snowboarder Craig McMorris shares his experiences in Canada and highlights activities for your next adventure.

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Growing up in Saskatchewan, what kickstarted your love for snowboarding?

I fell in love with snowboarding simply because I didn’t have access to it all the time. I was fortunate enough to get time at our local hill, Mission Ridge, but I always wanted more time on the snow. So my brother Mark and I would wakeboard all summer and jump on the trampoline doing everything we could to imitate snowboarding. We watched videos and read magazines, so we knew there was this whole world out there, and we wanted in.

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What do you love most about Canada?

Great question! How could I pick just one? For me, it comes down to two things: the people and the terrain. The people are down to earth, and the terrain is simply unmatched. Nowhere in the world do you have such dynamic landscapes, from the island to the ocean to the coastal mountains, the snowy interior, the Rockies, and the western Prairies. I’ve spent time in all these locations, and each one is so special. I love it.

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What recreational activities do you recommend for people looking to spend more time outdoors?

I think the most underrated and simplest activity is a walk through the forest. I know it’s not the wildest thing one can do, but there’s something grounding about being surrounded by huge trees. It’s an activity that I find helps me put things into perspective. Whenever I need to think, I’ll go for a trail walk through the forest.

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What should be on someone’s bucket list when visiting Canada?

Fly into Vancouver on a clear day. The mountain tops will be snowy, and the city will be blooming. Drive the Sea to Sky Highway on a crisp morning. I’ll argue that there isn’t a more scenic drive.

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