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The Importance of Sustainability with Allegra Shaw

Allegra Shaw
Allegra Shaw
Photo courtesy of Andrew Obtinalla.

Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer Allegra Shaw discusses how sustainability is at the core of her brand, Uncle Studios, and sustainability’s importance to modern fashion.

Why was it important to make sustainability part of Uncle Studios’ brand DNA?

For us, it was a non-negotiable from the start. With so much out there already, we believed if we were going to start something, being conscious of its environmental impacts was something that just had to be considered. We want clean processes to be the golden standard for all businesses — it should be as important as having all the proper business documents and licenses in place. Although we aren’t perfect, we’re always working hard to do our best to serve our community, our planet, and our team. 

Why are you passionate about sustainability?

Sustainability is such an important subject to be looked at in all aspects of life. If you’re looking at being prosperous by any definition, you need to think long-term. Sustainability keeps in mind the lasting effects our actions today could have, and in a society that focuses so much on short-term satisfaction, we’re passionate about long-term fulfillment.  

Do you think the fashion world is receptive to sustainability?

There’s been a huge shift in the industry in the last few years, and any hesitancy we see from brands and corporations is due to the lack of a blueprint on how to do this “right.” For so many years, we’ve seen how brands have grown quickly and made tons of money, and in turn, there are business models to follow to achieve that. However, there isn’t necessarily a model on how to grow an ethical and sustainable and profitable brand, so businesses are really forced to be innovative.

Do you think that good information about sustainability is easy for consumers to find? 

There’s a lot of greenwashing out there. Being sustainable now has been deemed this elitist standard of living and being. Everything these days is organic and repurposed, which is great, but what does it really mean? I think consumers are more informed than they’ve ever been and are asking for more transparency, which forces us as influencers and business owners to be comfortable with sharing more. But if you’re doing things mindfully, transparency shouldn’t be a problem.

What does “sustainable fashion” mean to you?

Sustainable fashion for me means pieces of clothing that are made thoughtfully and purchased intentionally, and that make you feel good. Make sure you’re curating a closet filled with pieces that will take you season after season — things you love so much that you’d pass them on to a loved one. Making thoughtful purchases is sustainable fashion for me.

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