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Vodka might not be the first place you turn when you think of sustainability. Absolut Vodka is here to change that. Not only has the vodka been made by the same community since 1879, but the brand has also innovated their packaging and overall environmental impact.

Absolut creates a quality vodka with sustainability at the core of their values. Created to have character that embraces other flavours and is perfect for mixing, their vodka is produced in one small town in Southern Sweden and the community takes responsibility of the entire product from seed to sip.

This is the Absolut Vodka made for mixing.

Vodka might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to sustainability. At Absolut, sustainability is a core value.

One source, one community, one Superb Vodka.


One Source: Every aspect of Absolut’s production process takes place in and around the small village of Åhus, in southern Sweden, using locally-sourced winter wheat and naturally-filtered water from our local deep well. Even the bottle comes from southern Sweden.

Heart in arrows

One Community: Absolut is made by a passionate community of people, with knowledge that has been passed down through generations of farmers and distillers. We know over 400 farmers by name across the Skåne region.


One Superb Vodka: The vodka is known for its characteristic and unique Absolut taste and consistent high quality, and is made by real craftsmen and with respect for the land.

The Absolut best Bottle.

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The bottle is made from 60% recycled glass, which is the highest you can get before the glass begins to turn cloudy.


Our bottling facility has the capacity to fill 650,000 bottles a day.

We limit the number of details on each bottle that can prevent recycling, ensuring our glass bottles can be recycled.

Sustainability is a part of our brand DNA.

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Production: We have the most energy-efficient distillery in the world per unit produced (approx. 60 million kWh/year).

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Farmers & Agriculture: Every year, we contribute 25,000m3 of production water to a nearby pond, which is used by local farmers for crop irrigation, saving precious groundwater.

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Distribution: In 2007, we showed our commitment to cleaner water by joining the Clean Shipping Index, which puts pressure on ship owners to report on and reduce their emissions and chemical use.

Absolut is supporting the bartending industry across Canada during this holiday season.

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