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Wild salmon is the best choice when it comes to healthy and sustainable seafood.

In the wake of a demand for sustainable fishing, the BC Salmon Marketing Council (BCSMC), that represents the commercially-caught wild BC salmon industry, is holding its third annual Wild Salmon Celebration on August 24th 2019.

Chair of the BCSMC Dane Chauvel discusses why he’s going wild for sustainable salmon.  

Mediaplanet: What does the BC Salmon Marketing Council offer members?

Dane Chauvel: The bulk of our funding is provided by the harvesters of wild salmon and we pour that back into programs directed at ensuring access to markets and the resource.

Why is sustainable fishing so important?

DC Sustainability is not only about achieving positive environmental impacts, but also about doing so in a fashion that ensures favourable socioeconomic outcomes.

What is the Wild Salmon Celebration and why should people go?

2019 will mark the third annual Wild Salmon Celebration, an event created by the BCSMC and the Chefs’ Table Society of BC to honour wild salmon.

Those who attend will be fêted by some of the culinary community’s finest chefs’ who will be preparing a selection of amazing salmon dishes. Given that 2019 marks the International Year of the Salmon, you know the chefs’ are going to pour their hearts into making this an especially memorable occasion!

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