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Animal Wellness

Feeling Anxious During These Times? Your Dog May Be, Too

Terrier puppy looking sadly out the window
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Terrier puppy looking sadly out the window
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While dogs don’t have to deal with stressors like an overly-demanding boss or balancing a budget, things like travel, loud noises, and changes to their environment can have serious negative effects on a dog’s mental health. In these unprecedented times, it’s important to think about how these changes may be affecting your furry family member.

Mitigating anxiety

The issue of anxiety is especially pertinent now as pandemic restrictions begin to ease and many Canadians start heading back to work. Pooches will have to deal with a huge change in their home life as they’re suddenly forced to spend much longer periods alone. These abrupt routine changes can cause even the best-behaved dog to act out and engage in destructive behaviours like incessant barking, forgetting their housetraining, and destroying furniture. To make matters worse, these anti-social actions can significantly affect owners’ anxiety as they struggle to deal with the guilt and frustration of a misbehaving pup, as well as potentially irate neighbours or landlords.

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Luckily, there are products designed to help keep canines — and by extension their owners — calm and as stress-free as possible. One such solution is ADAPTIL, a product scientifically proven to comfort anxious dogs without the use of drugs. ADAPTIL is a synthetic copy of the reassuring pheromone that nursing mother dogs naturally produce to help their puppies feel safe and secure. This pheromone gives stressed pups the confidence and sense of safety they need to feel at ease during difficult times.

Different products for different situations

ADAPTIL knows that different situations can trigger different stress reactions in your dog and offers a variety of solutions for different circumstances. For puppies, there’s the ADAPTIL Junior Collar for a puppy’s first six months to help soothe loneliness and night crying and to help youngsters adapt to a constant influx of new experiences. The ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar is ideal for calming dogs during travel, training, boarding, and outdoor activities. For vet visits and car rides, there’s ADAPTIL Transport Spray, which offers targeted support inside cars and crates. Inside the home, rely on the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser and Refill to comfort your canine when they’re home alone or when guests are visiting.

Though there are numerous products on the market that claim to reassure and calm stressed dogs, ADAPTIL is the number one scientifically-proven brand most recommended by veterinarians. It’s a premium product backed by Ceva Canada, a global animal health company that’s been trusted by vets and pet parents worldwide for over 15 years.

Marissa and her pup Eli are just one example of the over five million dogs and owners who have benefitted from using ADAPTIL. “I could see Eli was shy and lacked confidence. Little things that seemed like no big deal would scare him — I could see that I definitely needed something to help him adjust to his new life,” Marissa says. Marissa tried an ADAPTIL collar and was pleased with the quick results. “I definitely think it helped Eli be more relaxed. The difference after a day or two was amazing. My favourite thing is that it’s not a drug, so we don’t have to worry about side effects. ADAPTIL has helped him come out of his shell and be a great member of our family.”

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