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Flooding can happen during every season. It’s important to be ready during the winter months to protect yourself and your home. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your home dry this winter.

Know your own risks:

Look around your home to identify where it might be at risk. Sign up for weather alerts to be aware of when flooding is happening or might happen. Talk to your insurance provider to find out if your home is covered against all types of flooding. 

Flood snowflake

Move the snow:

Make sure to keep a shovel handy to move snow away from your home’s foundation to help prevent water from getting into your basement. Hire a contractor to scoop heavy snow and ice from your roof.

Flood leaf

Clear the debris:

Leaves, dirt, and ice can all block water from moving through your eavestroughs, gutters, and downspouts, and can cause water to build up near the foundation of your home.

Flood water

Stop water from entering your home:

Caulk and cover lower-level windows. Check your sump pump is working and get a back-up, in case it fails. Install a backwater valve to block sewage from getting into your basement from the main sanitary sewer.

Flood conversation

Get prepared:

Stock up on emergency supplies and think of what steps you would take in an emergency. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbours about a plan. Always make sure to follow the advice of emergency officials.

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