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True North Living » Live » How to Look and Feel Your Best on Video Calls

Whether the COVID-19 pandemic has you working remotely, learning from home, or connecting with friends and family virtually, look no further for the best tips on how to look and feel your best on-screen.

1. Prep your skin

Gua sha tool and jade roller

Keep your skin plump and hydrated by prepping it pre-camera with a hydrating face mask or eye mask to reduce dark under-eye circles. Boost your glow with a luxurious serum or oil, and work it into your skin with a gua sha tool or jade roller (pro tip: store them in the fridge to further reduce puffiness). Finally, don’t skip the SPF — even when indoors. Your skin can still reap damage from the sun or from the blue light emitted from your laptop and phone.

2. Find your light

Ring light

We’ve all snapped enough selfies to know that lighting is everything. Find a spot with natural light, and make sure the light source is either right in front of you or angled to the side (a bright light behind you will create a shadow over your face). If you want to go the extra step — and why wouldn’t you? — invest in a ring light to clip directly onto your laptop screen or phone.

3. Put your best smile forward

Colgate Optic white renewal kit

Nobody likes a dull video call, so liven it up with smiles and laughs. Colgate’s got you covered with the Optic White® Overnight Whitening Pen, which removes 15 years of stains in just one week.* Apply a thin layer of gel nightly after brushing and let the treatment work its magic as you catch some Zs. The special enamel-safe formula means no sensitivity during or after the treatment. Couple it with the award-winning Colgate® Optic White® Renewal toothpaste, which includes 3% hydrogen peroxide, a professionally-recommended whitening ingredient proven to deeply whiten beyond surface stains, for Colgate’s best at-home whitening regimen ever. Everyone knows that the secret to success is a winning smile.

4. Business on top, casual on the bottom

Ring light

Sure, you’ve been wearing the same pyjama bottoms for a week, but no one needs to know that. A few key pieces can help you look perfectly pulled together in minutes. Throw on this season’s favourite accessories like a chunky gold necklace, hoop earrings, or some chic hair clips to level up your look. Blue light glasses can also help you look polished while protecting your eyes from the glaring computer screen.

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