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True North Living » Live » McDonald’s Launches New Loyalty Rewards Program Across Canada
Lara Skripitsky

Lara Skripitsky

Vice President & Chief Technology and Operations Officer, McDonald’s Canada

The new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program lets Canadians earn points on their favourite menu items.

McDonald’s is constantly innovating to bring its guests more of what they want, including great value, great taste, and a personalized experience.

Trips to McDonald’s get a lot more rewarding

McDonald’s has been in the digital loyalty space for a number of years — first with McCafé® Mobile Rewards, then McDonald’s Mobile Rewards, where guests could earn free hot beverages or fries after seven purchases of either.

Now, it has launched a new loyalty program, MyMcDonald’s® Rewards, and it’s bigger than anything it’s done before. For the first time, guests can earn points on every order, whether it’s a small McCafé Premium Roast Coffee or a Big Mac®.

“MyMcDonald’s Rewards is really going to change the way our guests interact with us. It’s a major evolution,” says Lara Skripitsky, Vice President & Chief Technology and Operations Officer at McDonald’s Canada. “They can now earn and redeem points on all their favourites across our menu, and the service guests receive through the program is next-level.”

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is really going to change the way our guests interact with us. It’s a major evolution.

Lara Skripitsky

A delicious cycle of order, earn, and redeem

The new loyalty program means an even bigger and better rewards menu for McDonald’s. MyMcDonald’s Rewards goes beyond what was available on the McDonald’s app. Now, as points add up, guests can redeem them for a variety of free food items when they qualify for Rewards across the five tiers. For example, 2,000 points redeem for any size hot beverage, and 14,000 points add up to an Extra Value Meal. As they continue to earn points, they advance through the tiered rewards system, unlocking even more irresistible McDonald’s favourites.

Each $1 spent (pre-tax) earns 100 points that can be redeemed toward free menu items. MyMcDonald’s Rewards will also remember your order preferences — how you like your coffee or what sauce your family likes with their Chicken McNuggets® — to make the experience more convenient. Plus, guests earn 5,000 points on their first MyMcDonald’s Rewards purchase, which they can redeem for any size World Famous Fries®, Cheeseburger, Sausage McMuffin®, and more.

“We’ve been testing this program in Manitoba and our customers are lovin’ it,” says Skripitsky. “We’re so excited to bring the program to the rest of Canada so they can start earning, too!”

McDonald’s is taking steps to ensure the transition to digital is a smooth process for everyone. For the MyMcDonald’s Rewards launch, staff, known as Guest Experience Leaders, will be available in-restaurant to help customers download the McDonald’s app and walk them through the process of using it to earn points for free rewards.

Digital ambitions in the digital age

“We know our guests’ needs are changing and we’re always evolving to meet those needs and provide more value,” says Skripitsky. “With every new digital milestone we meet, we’re ensuring it’s a seamless transition that’s exactly what our guests are looking for.”

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is the latest major innovation for the company. The quick-service leader has been investing in technology to transform the guest and crew experience steadily since 2015 — notably, with the introduction of self-order kiosks, the McDonald’s app, and McDelivery®.

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