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True North Living » Shop » McDonald’s Canada’s New Rewards Program a Win-Win
Lara Skripitsky

Lara Skripitsky 

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Rewards, available on the McDonald’s mobile app, lets Canadians get rewarded quicker than ever by adding its iconic, guest-favourite fries.

From its self-order kiosks, mobile app, ordering McDonald’s favourites to enjoy at home with McDelivery, and now the new McDonald’s Rewards, providing an unmatched guest experience, while focusing on digital and technology to drive better convenience, is always on the menu at McDonald’s.

McDonald's Rewards icon

McDonald’s has a long history of innovation focused on meeting the needs of its guests. “Providing our guests with a personalized experience has always been first and foremost in our minds,” says Lara Skripitsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at McDonald’s Canada. Digital innovation, speed and convenience have long been part of that experience. 

Get rewarded on your favourites faster

McDonald’s has added its World Famous Fries to the McDonald’s Rewards program, letting Canadians get rewarded not just for any hot McCafé beverage purchase, but also for any purchase that includes the restaurant’s mouth-watering fries. After purchasing a total of seven any-sized hot McCafé beverages or any-sized fries, guests can get a free medium-sized hot beverage or fries. The program is simple and straightforward, convenient, speedy, and offers great value.

Enjoying your favourite coffee is a ritual for many, and McDonald’s Rewards is now the easiest and quickest way for Canadians to be rewarded for that ritual. As one in three McDonald’s orders in Canada includes fries, the addition of fries to the McDonald’s Rewards program was a natural upgrade. “We know that Canadians love our coffee and they also love our fries, so bringing two of our most-beloved items together just makes sense,” says Skripitsky. “Guests can now be rewarded with their favourites quicker thanever before. Everyone loves free fries, so it’s a great win-win.”

Round-the-clock rewards

The addition of fries to the program means Canadians can collect at every meal. “We’re excited to help Canadians earn even more rewards on the food they love right from their smartphone,” says Skripitsky. “Plus, it takes their rewards opportunities into the lunch, dinner, and evening times when fries are served, so now guests can really earn around the clock.”

There’s no limit to the number of qualifying purchases a guest can make in a single order. A family who is buying for their full minivan, with seven fries or coffees in one order, will find that the rewards add up quickly. “And the nice thing is that our guests can mix and match coffee and fries to get to seven purchases, which means they can get to the eighth free medium-sized fries or coffee faster,” says Skripitsky. c

A more convenient experience

Digital integration with the McDonald’s mobile app has greatly enhanced the guest experience. The app enables guests to quickly and conveniently save favourite menu items, order and pay, have access to exclusive in-app offers, and earn rewards from their smartphone. 

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Guests can use the McDonald’s app at all the different order points — front counter, drive-thru, dine-in, kiosk, mobile ordering, and the newest, curbside. “Curbside is especially popular with families as they can pull into the parking lot with kids in the car and can wait for our crew to bring their food to them hot and fresh,” says Skripitsky, adding that it’s especially popular amidst COVID-19 concerns. “We know that safety is important to our guests,” she says, “and our mobile app, alongside the new McDonald’s Rewards program, are our way of not only thanking our guests for spending time with us, but also creating a safe and contactless journey so they can have peace of mind in this COVID-19 environment.”

As for McCafé coffee lovers, they have nothing to worry about. “The McCafé Mobile Rewards Program hasn’t gone away. It’s just been renamed as McDonald’s Rewards to include fries,” says Skripitsky. Nor does the non-digital crowd have anything to fear. “The on-cup McCafé rewards program remains the same. Guests can still collect stickers, and when seven hot McCafé beverages have been purchased (excluding espresso), the eighth is a free medium.”

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