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Rexall’s new Be Well™ rewards program brings together health, wellness, and rewards and offers its members unparalleled value.

Staying on top of their health and wellness has been a major priority for Canadians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the launch of Rexall’s new health-focused loyalty program and app, Be Well, has made doing so easier and more rewarding.

The program and app offer simple tools and advice along with personalized ways to collect and earn points, making taking care of your well-being incredibly gratifying.

More than just rewards

While many rewards programs only offer points on base earn — points earned for each dollar spent — over 90 percent of Rexall’s Be Well points investment is on special promotions that reward customers with targeted offers for specific products or categories, including almost-daily promotions where customers can earn enough to redeem as much as $10 in a single purchase. These offers give members extensive value for shopping at Rexall.

Rexall Be Well pin

The Be Well app offers the best experience of the program, with weekly digital offers that can be loaded to the member’s card and then earned on purchases. Members earn 10 points on every dollar spent on eligible purchases plus frequent bonus offers. Points are redeemable on purchases at Rexall.

A convenient and personalized experience

Points and rewards are great, but Canadians want more from health-focused rewards programs — and Be Well delivers. It offers a better way for Canadians to manage and improve their health and wellness, with a host of digital prescription and health management services.

“The willingness for digital adoption amongst Canadians, both young and old, is very encouraging,” says Joanna Wilde, District Leader at Rexall. “Now more than ever, it’s critical that Canadians have convenient, holistic options to manage their health and wellness. Our hope is that the Be Well app will meet their needs by providing unparalleled digital pharmacy services to our customers’ fingertips, while offering the convenience and rewards they can depend on.”

Virtual patient care is the new normal   

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Image courtesy of Rexall

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Canadian health practitioners to adopt virtual patient care in higher numbers than we’d seen before,” says Dr. Sonal Talwar, a family physician at Trillium Health Partners. “What surprised us was the number of older patients who were quick to adapt, likely due to their reliance on regularly communicating with their doctors and pharmacists.” 

Be Well makes the journey to better health and wellness easier, simpler, and more rewarding. It allows patients and customers to access health info, track their medication history and vaccination records, submit prescriptions using photo functionality, receive prescription pick-up notifications, refill prescriptions, and access virtual doctor consultations. Patients can also track important health metrics including heart rate, daily steps, and more.

Taking care of your well-being is now as empowering and rewarding as it should be. Download the Be Well app today and start shopping Rexall for unbelievable points value and the ability to easily manage your health, well-being, and medications.

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