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Youth Empowerment

What Youth Empowerment Means to Enactus Canada

youth empowerment enactus
youth empowerment enactus

When it comes to empowering the next generation of leaders, Enactus is the leading post-secondary experiential learning platform in Canada. Through a community of entrepreneurial leaders who see business as a way to address social issues, students direct and run diverse projects which improve the lives of Canadians, make our communities more resilient, and help combat climate change and move towards a greener future. Aside from empowering the 3,000+ post-secondary students in our programs, we have two initiatives that actively focus on youth empowerment – the RBC Future Launch Project Accelerator and the Canadian Tire Youth Empowerment Project Accelerator.

Through the RBC Future Launch Project Accelerator, Enactus teams deliver projects that help young Canadians prepare for a drastically changing workforce through work readiness skill development. This year’s winning team from Durham College created an initiative that assists high school students to develop valuable skills through social and entrepreneurial experiences – impacting over 400 students to date.

The Canadian Tire Youth Empowerment Project Accelerator empowers Enactus teams to deliver projects that empower youth to be their best. For example, the Enactus team from the University of British Columbia launched a social initiative that tackles the lack of entrepreneurial and financial education in high school and elementary school curriculums in Canada. This is achieved through a series of virtual workshops on topics ranging from accounting to personal budgeting and marketing. Their initiative has led to the creation of 17 new sustainable business ideas whilst empowering over 400 students in British Columbia and Ontario.

Youth empowerment is the driving force behind Enactus’ student projects and lies at the core of our vision at Enactus Canada. Not only do we empower young leaders at Canadian universities to take action to better the world around them by creating and implementing projects, but these projects themselves often are centered around empowering youth. Just this year, the projects run by Enactus Canada students directly impacted over 4000 youth!

Thanks to the incredible entrepreneurial work done by our students from Newfoundland to British Columbia, we can rest assured that the next generation of leaders are in good hands. In communities across Canada, Enactus students are demonstrating that business has the power to inspire hope, create opportunity and ultimately improve lives and strengthen communities.

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