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Dream Home Gym provides Canadian fitness enthusiasts with a customized workout space in the comfort of their own home.

The closure of gyms across Canada amid national shutdowns have forced gym-goers to find new ways to break a sweat. Early in the pandemic, fitness enthusiasts quickly adjusted their workout habits, following along with instructors virtually, joining classes in parks, or buying equipment for a home gym.

Even as some cities and provinces reopen local gyms, many people are evaluating the benefits of continuing to work out from home. Gym members are increasingly unwilling to return to an environment where people breathe heavily and sweat, and it’s nearly impossible to stay socially distanced. “In August, 69% of Canadian gym members surveyed by RunRepeat, a sneaker review website, reported not returning to the gym despite many re-opening across the country.

Longtime gym-goers are also realizing the valuable time wasted getting to a gym, changing, showering, and waiting for others to finish with equipment. The convenience of being able to squeeze in a workout at any time is pushing many fitness buffs to invest in a home gym. And it’s not just regular gym-goers who are jumping on the trend. Many Canadians have started an exercise routine for the first time in an effort to stay fit and manage their mental health during social isolation.

Designing the perfect home gym

The pandemic has propelled home gyms to become less of a luxury and more of a necessity. But gone are the days of unfinished basement gyms with dusty weights. Home gyms are fast becoming a design priority; now, where you work out matters almost as much as how you work out.

Creating a positive, fun space that motivates people to exercise is a priority for Dream Home Gym. Launched in May, the company provides Canadians with a custom workout space within the comfort of their own home. The Dream Home Gym experience takes customers from start to finish of creating their own home gym.

The experience starts with a free consultation that evaluates your health and fitness goals, and the capabilities of your home space. Customers fill out a simple consultation form available on the Dream Home Gym website. The form asks questions like where your gym will be located, your fitness goals, and your workout style and preferences.

Dream Home Gym will then choose the equipment that fits the look and feel you want for your home gym. Plus, you don’t have to waste time reading hundreds of reviews to find the best workout equipment, because Dream Home Gym has access to Canada’s top fitness equipment brands.

Once you choose your equipment, the experienced team at Dream Home Gym will then assess the area you’re allocating for your home gym, and work with you to create the perfect solution.

A one-stop-shop

The process of ordering gym equipment, waiting weeks for delivery and assembling it can be incredibly tedious. That’s why Dream Home Gym offers delivery and installation of your home gym. Their in-house team of experienced technicians will ensure your equipment is set up and ready for you to break a sweat. If you’re experiencing any issues, the Dream Home Gym team also provides maintenance within just 2 days.

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