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Empowering Indigenous Voices

ben borne indigenous
ben borne indigenous

The Empowering Indigenous Voices campaign celebrates Indigenous leadership and commitments across industries that empower Indigenous people and also which dismantle systemic barriers.

Real Takes on Reconciliation

Patrick Hunter shares their experience as an Indigenous artist and opinions on reconciliation in the arts and culture industry.

Diversifying Indigenous Voices

Ben Borne, the first Indigenous certified Communication Management Professional, talks about the power of representation and storytelling.

The Former Humber Student Who’s Indigenizing the Fashion Industry

From the reserve to the catwalk, Scott Wabano is taking the fashion world by storm with a bold image of modern Indigeneity.

Indigenizing the Economy with Data-Driven Research

Our members understand that Canadians owe it to Indigenous communities to share in the rebuilding opportunities that will benefit the economy.

Indigenous Leadership — Reforming Representation

As companies shift to adopting inclusive hiring strategies, Indigenous leadership is the next step in advancing representation in the workforce.

Small Business at the Big Table: Indigenous Suppliers in the Mainstream

The success of Canada’s economic rebound could well depend on leveraging innovative and resilient Indigenous small businesses.

Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Announces Funding for Non-status Applicants

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples has immediate funding available for non-status applicants across Canada.

Building Better: An Indigenous Philosophy for Construction Projects

When the First Nations Technical Institute began planning construction of a new state-of-the-art learning facility, the team was committed to ensuring that every phase of the build aligned with its Indigenous community ideals.

Building Indigenous Manufacturing Capability: A Canadian/First Nation Case Study

Manufacturing companies Warrior Supplies, Harbour Technologies, Promation and Wuxly Movement partner to develop a Canadian-Indigenous response to the pandemic.

Impact Investing Is an Important Part of Solving Global Problems

Rise of impact investing and sustainable business models can solve global problems and drive positive social change without compromising on profits.

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