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Self-Care and Body Empowerment

sarah nicole landry lp
sarah nicole landry lp

The Self-Care & Body Empowerment Campaign aims to advocate and educate Canadians on the importance of practicing self-care and focus on everyday care products and tools to care for our bodies and mind.

The Impact of Atopic Dermatitis Is More Than Skin Deep

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease that can cause loss of sleep, skin damage, negative self-image, anxiety, and depression.

Loving Your Evolving Body and Lifestyle with Sarah Nicole Landry

Sarah Nicole Landry shares her experience with her post-pregnancy body and discusses the importance of self-care and body empowerment for both mothers and children.

When BoPo Is a NoGo: Our Diverse Bodies Deserve More

Many of us know about body positivity, or the ‘BoPo’ movement, and have come across its inspirational ideas and content online. But do you know about body neutrality? 

Tips to Embrace Natural Aging

Ironically, the conversation around aging is often filled with promises of anti-aging. We’ve rounded up the best practices to embrace the natural aging process and help you live your best life, no matter your age.

Steven G Shares His Journey with Self-Confidence and Body Image

Plus-sized male model signed with Bridge Models, Steven G, shares his journey with body image over the years and his advice for anyone struggling with body confidence.

Self-Care: More than Bubble Bath and Candles

We hear so much about needing to practice self-care. But what does that really mean and how does it impact you when you’re feeling ‘fine’?

Body Confidence Is Being Unafraid to Be You

Finding our beauty and strength can seem like a challenge, but it becomes easier when we make an effort to empower one another.

Loving Your Body for Everything It Is with Amanda Kay

In an interview with Mediaplanet, curve model and body positive advocate, Amanda Kay, shares her tips and tricks for self-care and loving the skin your in.  

How Penningtons Is Creating a Community of Confident and Fearless Women

As women, confidence is one of the most important tools we carry. It can make us feel beautiful, give us a greater sense of self-worth, and empower us and those around us.

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