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Winter Prep

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Prepare your family and your home for the winter weather with tips from Winter Prep — then explore some of the amazing wintertime activities Canada has to offer!

Prepping for Winter with Valeria Lipovetsky

Mediaplanet caught up with model, influencer, and mother of three, Valeria Lipovetsky, to find out how she preps herself and her family for the winter.

Keep Your Water Flowing During Cold Canadian Winters

Heat-Line specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced heat trace, heat cable, and water pipe freeze protection solutions.

As Winter Hits Canada, Here’s How to Protect Your Home

Read the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction’s top 3 tips to help Canadians protect their homes against this winter’s frigid temperatures.

How to Be Flood-Smart This Winter

It’s important to be ready during the winter months to protect yourself and your home from flooding. Here are 5 simple tips to help keep your home dry.

Get Ready for Winter Driving

Don’t be caught unprepared for the first blast of winter weather — read Canada Safety Council’s 12 tips on how to keep your car road-ready this season.

It’s More Than Just Golden — It’s Magic!

From hiking to frozen waterfalls to walking with a pack of wolves, make the friendly town of Golden BC your hub for magical winter adventures.

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